How to lose arm fat

Let’s face it, we all hate when we look at ourselves in the mirror and see fat hanging in our arms. Though it is not a big deal, however, it is sometimes embarrassing and intimidating when you look at others. 


We all have a moment of hesitation when we want to wear a sleeveless dress and there is no other word that best describes an arm fat than stubborn. 


It is often irritating and tiring when you cut out your diet and also stay away from dessert but still have arm fat. But relax because there is an end to it.


Searching for how to lose arm fat fast for females at home? This article will give you all the answers you need as we will be discussing ways to lose arm fat. Let’s dive in. 


Stay away from sugar 


Research has shown that the intake of high sugar is not good for health. Sugar is not a bad thing on its own. But you have to cut down on food that has a high percentage of sugar if you want to lose arm fat.


For example, instead of adding sugar to your tea or coffee, you can ad honey. Make your fresh juice instead of purchasing a soda. You can also add fresh fruit to your oat to give you a sweet taste. 


Always eat breakfast 


Eating breakfast is an important part of your diet. When you skip breakfast, you tend to eat many foods during the day to make up for the times you did not eat. Always start your day with a proper breakfast and watch your flabby arm reduce. 


Add protein to your diet 


Are you trying to lose arm fat? Including protein in your diet will help you achieve your goal. Eating food rich in protein will help boost your metabolism. It also helps in reducing your craving while keeping your appetite under control. This helps you not to eat junk.  


Eating food rich in proteins also helps in building the body muscles which helps you to burn more calories. Always remember, your entire diet shouldn’t be protein, you just need to increase your protein intake. Food like nuts, beans, fish, and leafy vegetables is a great source of protein that you can add to your diet. 


Try weight lifting 


Weight lifting is a great way to lose arm fat. Although, it does not specifically reduce the fat in your arm, however, it helps in toning your arm which makes it look slimmer. 


Weight lifting is also effective for losing belly fat, strengthens your core, and helps in losing overall body fat. You can start weight lifting exercise in your home or at the gym.


All you need is to purchase dumbbells or use other items of your choice to substitute if you want to start weight lifting at home.


Do not use items that are breakable or valuable because they may fall. Be consistent and focus on the forms. It is also important to stick to the weight you can lift and the beginning then increases your reps and weight depending on your ability. 


Do more cardio 

Incorporating cardio in your exercise routine helps in toning your upper arms and also tightens your muscles. Regular cardio with dieting speeds up your arm fat loss. Cardio is also known to help increase overall fat loss.


But strength training helps to prevent the reduction of muscle mass. The two exercises are very important, therefore, you don’t choose one over the other. 


Track your calories intake


One of the most important things, if you want to lose arm fat, is to keep track of your calorie intake. Research has shown before you can burn a pound of fat, you need to lose at least 3500 calories. 


This can be overwhelming and feels unachievable but it is very simple to achieve. All you need to do is to cut down between 500-550 calories from your daily diet and you will be able to cut down 3500 calories every week. 


Every time you eat, write down the calories content in your food on a separate down. This makes it easier for you to track your calorie intake. 


Eat better diet 


The best way to get rid of arm fat is by losing excess fat in the body. Most of the problems people have with their arm is its appearance and lack of muscle definition which is caused by excess fat. 


Therefore, you need to lose your overall body fat if you want to lose fat arm without gaining muscle. This means you have to be careful of the kind of food you eat. Make sure they do not have excess fat and also eat at the right time.


Never skip breakfast and increase your protein intake. No food will help you lose weight but incorporating fat-burning food will help you lose arm fat faster. Remember when you lose fat, it appears all over your body and the food you eat is also important as the kind of exercise you do.  


Limit refined carbs intake


Refined carbs are processed carbohydrates that result in lowers important vitamins and minerals. 

Refined carbohydrate often has high calories but low fibers. This can increase the blood sugar level which subsequently increases appetite. 


Get adequate sleep 


Getting adequate sleep is also essential when it comes to losing arm fat. While exercising and dieting are vital, their result will be limited without proper rest. 


Research has shown that sleep helps in enhancing weight loss and also regulates human appetite. Inadequate sleep leads to an increase in ghrelin, an appetite-stimulating hormone.   


Schedule your sleeping time and make sure you stick to it every night. Go to bed early and make sure you sleep for a minimum of six hours every day. 


Stay away from stimulating and avoid distraction while going to bed. 


Stay hydrated


Staying hydrated is very important to live a healthy life. Drinking adequate water every day keeps you hydrated and increases your metabolism all through the day. 

Research has shown that drinking water during meals helps you to feel fuller and reduce your food intake. 


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