Best Hair Colour For Oily Hair?

If you are trying to decide on the best hair color for oily hair, consider the type of hair you have. There are four main types of hair: natural, oily, and dry. Each has their own individual characteristics and requirements in terms of hair color. In addition, hair color can be affected by personal preferences and styling. Here is a brief look at each type, and how the best hair color for oily hair may vary.

Scalp Oil

The oil that comes from the scalp is considered oily hair, as it is often oilier than other areas of the scalp. However, even those with oily hair do not need to dye their hair every time they go out. In fact, the shag is still quite popular with oily hair types. You just need to remember that shaggy hair is best kept short, to avoid the look of frizz.

Straight Hair Problem

Those with straight hair can use either a dark or light blond color. The rule of thumb when it comes to hair coloring is that the darker the hair color, the lighter the oil will appear. This makes blonde hair an excellent choice for those who need a lot of lightning. However, keep in mind that if you choose a blonde color, your highlights will be more defined. You can add highlights to your hair with pomade, gel, or spray, but always remember to apply it carefully to avoid streaking. Light blondes are the best choice for those who want a very natural look, without having to worry about their highlights.

Choose the right color

If you have oily hair, the color to choose is a darker tone of your natural hair color. Look for rich colors like brunettes, browns, or off-white. These shades will not only give your hair color, but natural body. They will also work well with any type of hair style. If you want to check the buying guide for Best Purple Hair Dye then visit this.

For those with oily hair, the best hair color for them would be something darker such as chocolate brown. These colors will make their hair appear thicker and give it a sleeker look. However, do not try to dye your hair black as this will only make your hair greasy and stick together.

Thinner hair problems

Those with thinner hair should consider going for a greener shade of hair color. For those with thinning hair, the best choice for them would be something pale such as a platinum blond. They will have no problems with greasy hair and their highlights will not be defined. Dyeing your hair green can also help those with oily hair since it will temporarily thicken the strands.

Experiment hair colors

Do not be afraid to experiment with your hair color. There are many different hair colors that you can try and so long as you know what you want then you can do it. One thing to remember when choosing the best hair color for you is to stay away from dying your hair. Dying your hair when you are still experimenting with it can cause damage to the roots. Hair color treatments will leave your hair dry and brittle. You can still color your hair after having a treatment but if you want to color your hair then go for the conditioner.


When choosing a hair color, you should always remember to pick colors that suit your skin tone, face shape and hair texture. It is also important to pick colors that will suit your mood and personality. It may take some experimentation before you find the perfect hair coloring for you but it will all be worth it once you finally get the hair you have always wanted. Your oily hair does not have to be a handicap when you are coloring your hair.