Why is there all the rage about Sclera Lenses

Our lives have become easier and we owe it to advancements in research and technology. This holds absolutely true for contact lenses as well. Has your doctor mentioned you cannot wear contact lenses due to irregular shaped cornea?

Thanks to modern optic technology, people with eye issues can also wear contact lenses that are designed and customized according to their needs. Hence, 22mm black sclera lenses are a huge problem solver for many people with medical conditions.

Let’s learn what the rage is about and how sclera lenses come in handy.

What are 22mm Sclera Lenses

Sclera lenses are just like regular lenses but they have a few additional features. Apparently, 22mm sclera contacts are bigger in size as compared to regular lenses which are mostly 17mm. Moreover, 22mm sclera lenses cover the person’s complete cornea.

Why are the special?

All sizes of eyeglasses lenses hold a different purpose. Hence, big 22mm sclera contacts also hold a unique purpose. They are special because they cater to various medical conditions, eye injuries and or surgical obstacles that have affected the cornea of the user.

Interestingly, these lenses are specifically designed based on each individual’s requirements and medical history. Since these are oxygen permeable lenses, they are not only comfortable for long durations but are also ideal to correct one’s vision.

Ideal for Cosplay and Costume Parties

The amazing big 22mm sclera contacts are all the rage since early 2000’s because they are eye-catching, super gorgeous and if paired with a nice makeup look, they can appear equally scary.

With that said, going over the top when getting dresses up is not limited to Halloween dates anymore. People enjoy so many sorts of costume parties, be it work-related, a birthday party, New Year party or simply a thematic event. Indeed, this is where the amazing black sclera lenses jump in and show their uniqueness.

They give a stunning look to the eyes

All you need to do to make a lasting impression is wear your gorgeous 22mm black sclera lenses and pair them with a nice costume. Moreover, some cool makeup will add to the glam and you will be good to go.

From an inspiring Alien getup to a scary animal or even an anime doll; these jet black sclera lenses will up your cosplay game straight to the top.

They are very Comfortable to Use

If you are confused about choosing sclera lenses because they might appear difficult to wear, rest assured that they are super comfortable. Whether it is your first time or the fifth, do not hesitate in choosing these lenses because they cover the entire cornea of the eye, almost making you feel like you are not wearing anything.

Moreover, sclera lenses whether they are 17mm or 22mm do not irritate the cornea as they rest directly on the sclera of our eyes. They can be easily worn for long durations without drying out the eyes.

Easy Insertion and Removal Tips

When it comes to 22mm black sclera lenses, there are a few rules that need to be followed. These tips and professional regulations will allow you to insert the lenses in a more effective manner. Moreover, it will be quick and less frustrating.

Here’s what you have to do:

·        Wash your hands and pat them dry prior to inserting eye contacts.

·        Wet your lenses with the provided solution as it will serve as the ideal lubricant for the eye.

·        This will allow a better grip when inserted in the eyes.

·        Softly hold your upper eyelid with your bare fingers and gently place the entire contact in the center of your eye.

·        Look up and down, left and right to help the lenses adjust.

·        If the need be, open your eyes wide with the help of your index finger and your thumb to reveal the complete eye.

·        Gently remove your hand away.

·        Blink a few times to help the lenses sit neatly on the eyes.

For an effective removal, slightly pinch the lenses from one corner of the eye, open your eyes wide with your fingers and pull out the lenses.