Linux VPS Hosting India or Windows VPS Hosting India- Which one is better?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the key components for business nowadays. And that's why people spend so much time and energy on choosing the right kind of VPS hosting for their business. See it's important that your VPS Hosting meets the requirements of your business and take it to the next level. 

When it comes to choosing the Cheap VPS Hosting India, then Wisesolution is the perfect solution and there are two major Hosting Servers that we have. Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS. People often get confused when it comes to choosing one of them. And that's why we have brought this article to help you know which one is a better VPS Hosting service, Linux or Windows!

What is Linux VPS Hosting? 

Linux is an operating system that comes with wide advantages and VPS hosting as it comes with a lot of features and not to forget at a pocket-friendly price. Linux VPS Hosting is a great source to fulfill all the advanced business needs in just a small amount. It's fast and effective. And it serves us well with its advanced features. Let's take a look at the key features of Linux VPS Hosting. 

Key Features of Linux VPS Hosting;- 

     Linux VPS Hosting is more popular and people choose this one more often given it is more cost-effective than other options available in India.

     Linux VPS has an open-source programming language. So users don't have to be worried about the licensing fee cost. 

     It comes with an intuitive control panel. So it can be changed according to users' preferred requirements. 

     It also has SSH access. It means there would be less overloading and better controls compared to other VPS Hosting. 

     There would be less risk of over crashing and system slow down with Linux VPS Hosting. 

What is Windows VPS Hosting? 

Windows is the most popular operating system, that comes with a broad range of features and advanced technology. And it’s become more advanced with VPS Hosting that hosted on dedicated resources, full of unique and high qualitative features. It is a more expensive option.  But it comes with a good price value as it has lots of attractive features. This might be the reason why Windows VPS Hosting is one of the most favored VPS Hosting in India.

Key Features of Windows VPS Hosting;- 

     Windows VPS Hosting promises you fast and secure service. 

     It supports almost all the .Net based technologies 

     Users will get unmatched support for databases such as Microsoft SQL and accesses 

     Microsoft VPS Hosting comes with one of the best graphical user interfaces. 

     Microsoft VPS Hosting is popular for its world-class services. And it also provides preeminent amenities. 

     Users would get access from anywhere, which is pretty cool. 

Which one is better for an online business? 

Now it's time to answer the bigger question. Since we have listed all the pros and cons of both the VPS Hosting, you must be wondering which one you should pick. Well, don't worry, because here we would like to present a full comparison of both the VPS Hosting services so that you can easily make up your mind and to the better performance, you should go Wisesolution the perfect vps hosting solution in India.


When it comes to performance, both of them are decent. 

Linux VPS Hosting is designed to be used with SSH (Secure Remote Login). Linux can easily handle heavy traffic and that's why it is best known for its stability. And you won't require to reboot the system often. A lot of changes can be done without restarting the server. 

On the other hand, Windows VPS is based on GUI (Graphical User Interface) which needs more resources. A reboot would be required after every patch in Windows. Windows serves can also face downtime when there are a lot of scheduled tasks to be performed for different applications. 

Control Panel 

Control Panel is an important feature as it allows you to configure the settings according to your preferences.  

Linux comes with a cPanel, which allows users to install some of the very useful applications such as WordPress with just one click. Users can easily configure settings and features on their website. Managing and creating databases is pretty easy and they can also automatically updated as well. To use the control panel of Linux, users don't need to be tech-savvy. 

Windows comes with Plesk based control panel. This is also similar to the cPanel and it offers almost all the same features as well. Additionally, Plesk supports Git, Docker, and other security extensions. 

Server Access 

Server Access is another important feature that you need to look at before choosing your VPS hosting. Good Server access would allow you to have better control over your website. 

Linux allows full server access. It offers FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SSH (Secure Shell). Meanwhile, Windows only allows FTP and not SSH. 

Easy to use 

Your VPS Hosting must be easy to use. Although the ease of use depends on your tech knowledge. Windows is the first option for beginners as it comes with the GUI technology. Linux on the other hand requires more tech knowledge to operate. 


One of the major reasons why people choose to have dedicated hosting over shared hosting is security. 

With Linux, you would get better control for the administrators as the privileges are limited to them only. And it also provides strong security against malware and spyware. 

Windows also offer decent security, although users can hide a file from the administrators' view. 

Technical Support 

You must get technical support from your VPS as you would face several technical glitches. Linux features support from an open-source community which might not be the best option. Windows is considered more reliable as it comes with internal IT team support. 


When it comes to compatibility, you need to make sure your dedicated server is compatible with your applications. Since Linux is open-source software, it is suitable for Java, Python, ROR, etc. 

Windows is most suited for Windows-based applications such as ASP Classic,, MS Access, etc. 


As we have said earlier, Linux is more cost-effective than Windows. But windows surely comes with a lot more attractive features. The licensing fee is also more for Windows than it is for Linux.


Based on our data, both Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting comes with their pros and cons. And choosing one of them only depends on your preferences and requirements.