Is partnership in crisis? 5 tips on how you can save your relationship!

How can I save my relationship?

In the past, things were repaired instead of thrown away.

The secret of why most older people are still married is that they nurture and value their love. Even in difficult times, they hold on to it and see change not as a problem, but as the way things are going.

Save the relationship, but how?

Here are ten tips on how you can do that too.

1. Talk to each other

Communication is much more than two clattering teeth. These words come from the master painter and illustrator Frank Dommenz and he is right. Watch romantic movies and series on Netflix, kissanime, and talk about each other favourite movies, etc.

In a relationship, in particular, communication is the ultimate. In order to understand the other one has to speak to one another. Even if we are able to interpret certain expressions of the other person, we cannot look into his head.

Unfortunately, communication is often the first thing to fall by the wayside in a relationship. Over time, the partner just stops communicating with the other. You think it's all said, after all, so much has been said.

But what you think, what you feel, what makes you happy and sad ... You should convey all of this to the outside world, otherwise, the other person cannot understand you. If everyone just lives by and doesn't know what the other person is like, it will soon be the death knell for the relationship.

The one closes himself off from the other. So start talking to each other again.

For a start, it is enough if you tell each other about your day. At some point, the conversations develop on their own in a deep and intimate direction. Working on communication as a couple can save a relationship.

2. Avoid everyday conflicts

Arguing about dirty dishes or the open tube of toothpaste is not only annoying and unnecessary, it can also strain the relationship in the long run. It is actually not that unusual for love to break over it.

Only one thing can help here, rethinking your own habits. Is it really not possible to close the toothpaste again after brushing your teeth?

The problem is that your partner doesn't feel valued by you if you can't even pay attention to such banalities for their sake.

So try to be considerate and work on one or the other negligence.

In contrast, of course, you can expect the same from him.

If this is absolutely not feasible, only one thing will help, and that is separate bathrooms. In this way, you avoid a large part of the points of contention that concern order and cleanliness.

If you no longer give space to everyday conflicts in the future, this time can be used for more meaningful things.

3. Avoid accusations

  • You never help me around the house!
  • You never feel like talking and just sit at the computer all the time!
  • Such allegations are poison in a relationship.

There is actually a wish behind these accusations, namely that your partner supports you more because you sometimes feel overwhelmed. Or that your partner listens to you when you want to talk to them.

If you want to save your relationship, you should formulate these messages as a wish and not as a reproach in the future.

Instead of starting the sentence with you, start it with I. Talk about your desires, your needs, and your sadness.

 I would be happy if you could help me with the household every now and then, as I feel a little overwhelmed at the moment. Accusations lead people to close down and immediately to distance themselves. You then feel attacked.

On the other hand, we are usually open to a wish or request. With this in mind, you can save the conversation in your relationship.

4. Create clarity

Saving a relationship when there are no more feelings is difficult. But before you split up, it is important to be really clear about your own feelings.

It's best to do this for yourself, a short break can be helpful here. If you miss the other person and think about them a lot, do you still have feelings for your partner?

Your intuition tells you whether these are enough for a relationship.

Frustration, routine, a lack of communication, or other factors can cause love to come to a stand still. But that doesn't mean that she's gone forever, she can only slumber.

If you notice that your feelings towards your partner are changing, then listen inside and look for the causes. You can't force love, that's true. But it can be brought back to life.

If that doesn't work, you can always separate. In this way, you also protect yourself from the danger of regretting the breakup at some point. Many couples who gave up frivolously feel remorse later. If you have made every effort to save the relationship and it still came to a breakup, you don't have to feel guilty.

5. Create personal islands

Time for two is essential for a happy partnership, that goes without saying.But it is also inevitable to spend time with yourself. This is particularly important for personal development, but also for the relationship.

It is a good idea, for example, if each partner has one or two evenings a week at their disposal that belong only to them. In addition to the mutual circle of friends, everyone can maintain their own acquaintances.

The family will also be happy if they have the son or daughter to themselves for a few hours again.

A little separate time welds you back together with your significant other because you will definitely miss her.

Give each other the chance that you can look forward to each other.

But for that, you don't have to see each other for a while. This can save a dormant relationship. Some couples spend too little time together, others sit too much on each other.

As always in life, the golden mean is optimum.