How to get rid of shyness

Shyness is correct in some ways. In terms of love, it prevents us from resisting many temptations. Nevertheless, the blush on the face of a girl addressed by a dude makes it clear that it is shy. Can she get rid of it?

Shyness in general

For old-fashioned mothers, their daughters' shame is probably right, but a modern girl should be able to overcome shame. Men and boys have it more comfortable. They overcome shame with strength and roughness. But that doesn't suit girls. You still can't blush. She would be a girl to laugh at everyone. She wouldn't go to the company; she would feel embarrassed at school when she had to give something, etc.

The first method to get rid of shyness

Let's take the classic scene outlined in the introduction, where a boy approaches a girl; she immediately blushes and cannot answer even a simple question. For example, where is the main station? Of course, when such a situation happens, it cannot be changed. But the girl should learn from this. The advice is that she "plays" the situation at home and in front of the mirror several times, of course, with how well it should turn out.

Similarly, in front of a mirror, he can rehearse some scenes in advance. Maybe the young lady is going to congratulate someone, and she has something to say in public. The mirror is a great helper. This will show us that we have to stand upright, wherewith our hands, where not to look and where to look.

Another method of getting rid of shyness

One should be self-critical, but not too much. After all, we value something in ourselves, such as sincerity, a lovely nose, and so on. If you think you are a defect, try to write it down. Similarly, try to write down a column of situations where you are ashamed. And suddenly you find that it can be related.

On the one hand, you consider your straightforwardness. On the other hand, you are afraid to talk directly to someone. But you think that you are not so attractive or so successful for your negatives. But it usually has nothing to do with the fact that you have bacon or a flat nose. Sometimes people are successful without anyone seeing them.

So take your strengths and focus on them. Try asking your mother for cooperation or a perfect friend who can't handle it at school. Discuss it together, and you will surely see that other people see you far more positively than you think. Just look around at how many people are worse off than you. They don't have a home or a family; they are neglected.

Eventually, you find that when you start working with yourself, think positively about yourself that you have nothing to be ashamed of, and some ordinary boy looking for a train station is just "air" for you.

But also a little differently.

Shy people try to be inconspicuous, so if you feel nervous, do something with yourself. Watch Cinderella on TV, not a fairy tale, but about human changes. And try to do something similar to yourself. Go to second hands, visit a bazaar, and choose a lot of small and bigger accessories and some more significant uppers without thinking more. Now mainly, what about that? Take on something you wouldn't have taken before and try to add other elements so that you like it, or maybe another person. Then go out with it, and you will see that many people will turn to you, which is the best way to get rid of shame. You have gained self-confidence.

A few exercises at the end

Of course, we did not exhaust all the methods, such as sports, music, and culture, but you can still practice a few exercises. Let's look at everyone in the eye, let us not bend to the sides. Then look in the mirror again, when it is enough to look at the other's eyebrows. Smile at everyone, try it on the photo during training, but get used to laughing at everyone's forehead, for example.

We mean figuratively. Speak loudly, don't whine, and speak with strangers at least a little in writing, of course decently and without the words of today's youth slang. Otherwise, there are final words in a beautiful way - to practice, read, and enjoy life.

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