Jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh

Merry Christmas to all. As we know, Christmas month is starting, and everyone should enjoy this month and this festival as well, but, in some crisis, many people’s wishes do not come true because of the corona virus. But don’t worry; we have a solution for you to celebrate this festival and month with your loved ones. Everyone has someone special in their life; instead, it’s your mom, dad, brother, husband, or your boyfriend, so on.

This festival is full of joy, love, and peace, but we can’t ignore the covid 19. We have to celebrate this festival but with the full of safety. That because of our health and your someone special health is very important. So, I have some small ideas to celebrate Christmas and build a healthy relationship with these small formulas. 

Here are some ideas/formula to build a healthy relationship this Christmas

Spend time with your family virtually.

It’s tough to live a long distance from your family because of work, studies, or any other reason. Parents are always desperate to meet with our children because; parents are never partial to our babies. But I have a solution to cut out the distance between parents and children virtually. We have lots of advanced technology in this world so we can use it at the right time. We connected with the help of cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. These things are for help and never create distance between parents or children, and they should also celebrate the festivals with our kids or parents.

Arrange a virtual party

We had never thought in our life that the day all world celebrating the festivals without get together at home or distributing the sweets and chocolates in a relative’s house. But why we are upset, of course, we were celebrating the festival and arrange the parties but, virtually. We can’t physically come together in person. Make dinner/lunch, games, decoration, etc. All these things celebrate virtually. It’s having so much fun. But, it would help if you had to plan some small things for a virtual party like: - schedule a time, Tech tools, Suitable theme Etc. If all things are running well, your party will rock, and your relationship will be muscular.

Virtual Surprises

We all are love surprises. Everyone wants surprises if it was virtually or tangible doesn’t matter. You make him/her happy with virtual gifts. Like: - Personal radio show, guitarist on a video call, secret message surprise, etc. These things will surprise your loved ones. Christmas isn’t a festival; it’s a day that you were cut out the distance between in your relationship. I think with these small things, your relationship become more robust, and you were building your values in your partner, loved ones, or someone special.

Arrange Christmas events virtually.

Many companies preferred the option of virtual Christmas events. But fear not, there are lots of great virtual Christmas activities available that will add plenty of festive cheer, laughs, and social interaction to your Christmas party. A virtual Christmas event doesn’t have to be a boring Christmas event! Here is the list of events that you were enjoying with someone special.

(a)    Gingerbread House Challenge

(b)   Festive Frenzy – A High Energy Virtual Christmas Event

(c)    Virtual Chocolate Making

(d)   Virtual Murder Mystery

(e)   Virtual Cocktail Making

(f)     The Big Christmas Bake

(g)    Christmas Cook Along

These events are entertaining, loving, and enjoyable, and of course, this month will be rock because of these events and ideas. So, enjoy your events with your loved ones and make memories for the future.

Final Thoughts

While you and your loved ones may not be able to gather in-celebration for a jingle bell bash, you can throw a lively virtually sure to entertain your heart. Use these ideas according to the situation. You can throw a festive yet memorable. Enjoy this festival by making sweets, chocolates, cake, candy, and many more things. But, be safe, be healthy.