A Comprehensive Analysis of Smart Technology Contributing to Healthcare

With technological advancement in the past two decades, every industry has got a chance to develop day by day. Likewise, every industry, the Healthcare industry has changed a lot with the help of Artificial Intelligence, digital data collection, advanced mobile apps, or virtual reality.

Where earlier, a person had to keep physical records and had to visit the doctor’s clinic or hospital by himself. Now, anything can be done privately by sitting at home. Do you want to consult a doctor? Several websites and mobile apps let you consult top doctors while sitting at home. You can choose the option of voice chat, video call, or text chat to talk to the doctor. The next step of purchasing medicines can be fulfilled by the help of e-commerce medicine websites that will send you the medicines from prescription in a day or two.

Healthcare advancement is not only limited to comfortable and private at-home consultation, but there is much more than that. With each passing day, smart technology is taking over the traditional ways.

The Game of Personalisation

Who wouldn’t love personalised health services? We would love it. With advanced Smartphone available with every person, the usability of technology has increased. Therefore, many companies have built mobile apps that can be personalised depending on the user. Video Consultation, text chat, and taking online advice on the Questions and Answers page, a person can do it all.

You can even get test results online, and such features are perfect for modern patients. As the Covid-19 hit the world this year, going out of the house for getting a check-up done, tests are done, or even purchasing medicines have become very difficult. These apps also give users a chance to give proper feedback after every service they use. Some mobile application platforms have even collaborated with healthcare organisations within a specific area as a focus.

If you use an app related to healthcare such as for consultation or mental health, you must have seen a feature for a chat. These chats are being done with the help of chatbots that are:

·         Fed with fixed questions and answers

·         Help users in understanding a part of a service.

This is also used for emergencies or first aid purposes. This way, the user gets impressed with the application as a whole and start using other services by trusting it completely.

The ultimate use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML are being used at every possible place today. If we talk about the healthcare industry, Artificial Intelligence is for marketing purposes. The question is how this technology is being used for healthcare? It proves to be a great help for patients in reminding them of taking medicines or filling up their prescriptions. It also identifies risk in patients with the use of records. There is also a facility for recommending medicines to the patients, which is based on the information they give.

Social Media is the new rescue

Like every other industry that is using social media to promote themselves, the healthcare industry is also using the same for marketing purposes. With the use of research, analytics, and engagement data, companies make strategies to market to potential patients. With the use of Google, Facebook, or Instagram ads, such companies target people by telling about their services with the use of animation and images. This way, people who are already searching for a service can see personalised ads.

Cookies settings also help third-party ad companies to provide you with advertisements on your phone via different app-based ads.

Why so much of hassle on social media to attract potential customers? It is because a human being spends quite a lot of time on mobile apps or social media platforms for their entertainment, time pass or talking to someone. When during their scrolling time, they see an ad suggesting relatable services that they are looking for; they will instantly stop and click on it to see what it has to offer. This way, the healthcare companies attract customers.

Digital Data Collection

Gone the times when you had to carry your reports to the clinic all the time. Now with the help of smart technology, your medical records, including diseases, test reports, and prescriptions, are available within single access. This way, the doctor can understand your condition professionally and without creating any trouble for you and can understand what type of treatment you require.

But sometimes these data records are also used by third-party companies for marketing purposes. They create ads accordingly and start targeting you at different times.

In case of emergency

Despite all the advancements, anyone can have a medical emergency in his or her lives. It can be your health or someone from your family. When you should urgently seek medical help, having enough emergency funds alongside is something to think about.

Thanks to technological improvement, you can instantly get funds for any medical emergency while sitting at home. Direct lenders provide doorstep loans to people in the form of cash loans with the help of a local representative. The representative comes at your doorstep and personally gives you the money. He can also guide in deciding and planning your repayment period according to your income. It is so easy to apply for such loans online where you don’t need to visit the office.

There are also mobile applications that have chatbot facilities for medical emergencies. You can also get practical video training for CPR in such applications. You can call an ambulance with the help of such apps with one click.

Technological progression in Healthcare has helped both doctors and patients. Personalisation, with the help of a mobile consultation app, helps in getting medical help while sitting at home. Not only consultation, now patients can buy medicines and fill their prescriptions from E-Commerce medicine websites.

Artificial Intelligence has helped people in reminding them of taking medicines, in keeping their medical records, or sometimes for marketing purposes. While we are on social media platforms for hours daily, they prove to be a big help for healthcare companies for digital marketing.

Chatbots helps in personalised customer experience and potential health diagnosis. In case of a medical emergency, these bots help you in providing immediate help or call an ambulance with just one click.