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Restraining Orders in Texas

You should never have to live in fear of being assaulted by your spouse a former spouse, a family member, or someone you had a dating relationship with. If you or your children have been physically attacked or threatened with physical harm you may need to seek legal protection and you definitely want to consult with an experienced family law attorney that is compassionate and knowledgeable in the process of protection orders in Texas.

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A protective order can be issued on your behalf by the courts and prevents the person threatening you from coming to your workplace, home, or near you or your children. Protective orders can also protect your children from harm or being placed in a harmful situation.

No Contact Protective Orders

No contact protective orders can be issued for severe cases of domestic violence and prevents the person threatening you from calling your, writing you or contacting you in anyway except through attorneys. If any protective order is violated by the named party, he or she can go to jail.

What's the Difference Between Restraining Orders and Protective Orders

Protective orders differ from restraining orders in the level of enforcement whereas a protective order is criminally enforceable and can result in an arrest and criminal charges if it is violated. However, restraining orders cannot be criminally enforced and requires the interested party to appear before a judge to have the restraining order enforced.

In addition, restraining orders do not carry jail sentences and are handled in civil court instead of criminal court and are therefore an option in cases that no laws have been broken.

Spousal abuse and threats of physical abuse are serious matters and therefore should be entrusted to a lawyer that has the necessary skill and experience to get you the protection you need. Family law attorney Yexenia Gilmet has the necessary trial experience, skill and compassion to help you through this difficult time and will fight hard on your behalf.

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